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You should sign this petition if you are breathing, alive, great-full, have children, will have children, don't have children, have a zest and respect for life.

Parents, future parents, famliy, bereaved, friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters, brothers, teachers, administrators, law enforcement officers, politicians, business owners, church goers, sinners, saints, life celebrators, nuns, partiers, artists, toy makers, members of the clergy, churches, doctors, lawyers, etc....

You should sign this petition if you think that prayer in our schools will instill life values and introduce the idea of a Higher Power.

You should sign this petition if you think it would benefit our students to start a conversation with God. So that they never feel forsaken or alone and that they seek God's counsel, if nothing else, in times if disparity and also to celebrate their own lives.

May our children understand what masterpiece they are.

I say we put God back in our School as a reinforcement to prayer at home.

God Bless & Thank you in advance for signing our petition.

[echurch ---> is where I fellowship but the above petition is about assisting our youth to develop a relationship with God.]


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