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Please STOP the Hunting of Polar Bears and the Fur Trade. The pelts come from Canada, under the guise of Sustenance Hunting. Fur Trade is booming. The demand driving two other Countries,Russia and China. In Russia himself is shooting of Polar Bears prohibited since 1956! The Polar Bears are in Danger of Extinction. The Pack Ice melts and the Habitat of Polar Bears is shrinking. The Science predicts a Population decrease of 70% over the next 40 Years. Nevertheless be each Year hundreds of these endangered Animals alone shot as Trophies. European Tour Operators sell a Polar Bear Hunting-shooting for around 40 000 euros.


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 WARNING: Video contains graphic footage

The Polar Bears ,their Habitat shrinks by Global Warming. By the additional Hunting for their Pelts they are in Danger of Extinction. There are only 20,000 left!  

The argument with the Inuit is just a  bullshit pretext. The Inuit have their own demand for meat that has never threatened the survival of polar bears.
Behind this legal loophole is represented the whole fur trade and trophy industry, with semi-automatic weapons shooting all animals in their sights. This involves a lot of money. The Canadian Government does nothing about it.

Now in the Arctic Circle, hundreds and thousands of hunters come to hunt for polar bears for $35,000 a head, and they come from all over the world- Mexico, Europe, the U.S, and even Canada's "Inuit" communities, many of whom hunt their quotas and legally sell them onto outsiders wiling to part with cash. For some countries, they allow hunters to take polar bear hides back, as long as they have the paperwork. According to the Independent, last year the U.S. banned the importation of polar bear hides but most countries, including Britain, place no restrictions on the skins.

Hunter Photo: HSUS- American trophy hunters are gunning for Canada's shrinking polar bear population

President Obama has proposed,with Russian Support, a Ban on the Trade in Polar Bears, but another Polar Bear Range State, Canada, is adamantly opposed to it. _______________________________________________________________________________


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