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President Barack Obama; U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services; Secretary of Interior

We, the undersigned, are requesting that wolves be granted immediate and permanent federal protection.
Since wolves were expunged from the Endangered Species Act in April of 2011, and entrusted to the states for "management", there has been irresponsible, and completely unethical hunting and trapping policies in place.
Wolves were the first animal ever delisted from the Endangered Species Act NOT based on science, but on political pandering to special interest groups; the rider shoved inside a budget bill with no chance of debate.
The states have shown themselves to be unworthy and incapable of ethically balancing wolf populations. Since August of 2011, when the first shots rang out and the first arrows flew to fall wolves, the 93% of the citizens of this country who do not hunt, have had to endure photographs, statements, and postings on public forums documenting the extreme brutality of these hunts.
We learned from the trophy hunters, themselves, of their over-the-top, enthusiastic blood thirst for wolves; punishing wolves with deliberate 'gut shots' so they would linger longer and suffer more (and their tee-shirts that boast of this). We also learned of brutalizing wolves while they were trapped and helpless---we learned of their instructions on how to poison wolves with Xylitol---we learned of their code SSS (shoot, shovel and shut up). We learned of electronically calling collared and pregnant wolves out of national parks, like Denali and Yellowstone, to be trapped and shot.

We found out about Wyoming's wolf policy of 'predator status'---where in 85% of Wyoming a wolf can be killed on sight, in any way, by anyone, at any time, no hunting license required. We learned of Wisconsin's wish to hound wolves---six dogs on one wolf at night--nothing less than Draconian! We learned of Idaho wanting to bait wolf traps with live animals---we learned of those lesser individuals who bait wolves with bacon soaked sponges, leaving them to choke to death.
We can't leave out the wolf trappers who so wantonly trap wolves and "dispatch" them with strangling, bludgeoning, and skinning.
Finally, we learned of the absolute glee a large segment of the state hunters and trappers have about the torment and torture of wolves; also of the cultural and generational disdain for wolves, who are merely following their instincts to survive.
Wolves actually need to be in a special category of federal protection that would be permanent, due to the deep-seated cultural prejudices against wolves (the negative semantics even permeating throughout our language---the use of 'lone wolf' to describe a rogue person who has committed a crime.)
Mr. President, Mr. Ashe, and Mr. Salazar, while the true nature of wolves is that of being iconic, highly intelligent, highly social, top tier predators who balance nature---there is no doubt that the fear mongers have done a great job in maligning the wolf, and the wolf is so hated and so sought after as a trophy animal, they simply cannot be left to the wanton destruction of the states. Wolves are being pushed toward extinction, as the state hunting policies are not taking in to consideration that wolves also die from injuries, disease, old age, and even starvation.
The wolf, simply put, is the most misunderstood, maligned animal in America and has to bare the negativity of fairy tales, legends, and complete exaggerations about livestock loss (being responsible for less than 1% of livestock loss)----therefore these animals who are symbolic of our wilderness and free spirit must be put under and remain under federal protection---perhaps being granted the status of a national symbol, like the eagle. The wolf massacre should have never been allowed and must end now.



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To object to the cruel brutalization of wolves by state management and have wolves listed under permanent federal protection.


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