Sign the Petition to Federal and State Politicians to REQUIRE increas in Mental Health treatment funding and available beds in Mental Health Facilities. Help the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons of Adam Lanza.


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Please petition ALL Politicians to REQUIRE the increase in availability of Mental Health Treatment Facilities across the nation. In EVERY State of the Union the beds in prisons have increase to the point of disbelief but mental health facilities are closed every year. The number of beds in Mental Health Facilities decrease on an almost daily basis due to lack of funding.

Make the politicians take responsibility for their role in the deaths in Newtown Connecticut. Adam Lanza used guns; he could have just as easily used knives, rakes, axes, shovels or any other means to cause damage and death. The cause of the tragedy was not the gun laws, those laws worked. Adam was not able to purchase fire arms due to Connecticut’s gun laws.

What caused the Tragedy was his mother’s inability to obtain mental health treatment for him. Like sooooo many, Adam had not committed any crimes to allow his mother to get the treatment he needed due to the dangerous laws that are used today.

Get these laws changed, Re-open mental health facilities. Tragedies like these did not happen before the laws changed just a few decades ago. Families were able to get mental health treatment for their family members. There were facilities ready and able to provide the services they need.

I know this to be true because, like the women who wrote the article entitled "I am Adam Lanza's Mother", I am Adam Lanza's daughter. My father is mentally ill. Before the law change we could get treatment for him. Since the law changes, he must commit a crime in order to get treatment.

After 9-11 we begged for help due to the problems the attacks of 9-11 were causing with his fantasies. He was arrested for driving his car onto an airport Tarmac. Instead of getting the mental health treatment he needed he was jailed for over a year before being transferred to a Mental Health Facility. More than a year without treatment. Jailed for acting on his fantasies. Acts that would not have happened if he had received the treatment that our family begged for.

Our politicians are jumping on the gun ban platform yet again instead of addressing the REAL Problem that they caused.

Demand responsibility from our politicians. Demand the closure of prisons and the reopening of Mental Health Facilities. It is a too well known fact that more than 3/4 of your prison population suffer from severe mental illness. Yet, they receive little if any treatment.

Attack the cause, not the symptom.

Saying that the deaths in Newtown were caused by Gun Violence and Not the Lack of Mental Health Treatment is like saying that Obesity is Caused by McDonalds and Burger King.

Please start spreading the cause of increased mental health treatment. The Gun issue is and always will only be a soap box. The second amendment ensures that fact. Take safety back to before the Mental Health Laws and Spending changed. Then, and only Then, will gun violence start to decrease and I pray, disappear.

I received an irresponsible email from the uninformed Senator Stabenow of Michigan today stating the cause of the violence in Newtown was the guns. We need to change this thinking. We need education and responsibility from our politicians.



Joan Havens

For Real Change and Real Safety. For a Mentally ill person to get help they MUST commit a crime. They MUST be a danger to themselves or others. To get help they MUST Hurt someone.

This, in my opinion is INSANITY. We need the resources and the help. We need beds, not prisons.

We need REAL Action. Politicians caused the violence that is tearing our society apart. They caused the violence that is in our schools and on our roads, in our work places and in our shopping malls. For a mentally ill person to be required to commit a crime in order to get the medical help they need is the Purest Definition of INSANITY.

Please ask for change. Please help the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons of Adam Lanza.

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