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The Prime Minister of India

Respected Shri Man Mohan Singhji,

The whole nation is outraged at the delhi gangrape instance. We have seen the public fury over the past 2 days all across the country. We have also seen the drama in the parliament & the crocodile tears shed by our politicians.

But the people of this country now want REAL ACTION.

We urge you to reduce the extensive security provided to these "so called VIPs" and release these police personnell to protect the common citizens from whose tax money their salries are paid.

It is appalling to ote that there are on an average 3 policemen for 1 VIP whereas there is only 1 policeman for almost 700 common citizens !!!

This is nothing but gross abuse of power which is indeed shameful & disgraceful.


Shaishav Vora

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How this will help

People should sign it beause only then the politicians will learn their lessons & hopefully do something for the common people.

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