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It would have one and only one objective that would be to urge the govt. To keep a permanent punishment for rape ...... THAT THE CRIMINAL SHOULD BE HANGED TILL DEATH.

Rise your VOICE Against RAPE.

We all request To 'Government of india' for getting change in the law against rape convicts..severe action should be taken to ensure that the number of such cases reduce ..if there is fear of the law obviously such perverts will think 100 times before commiting such crime..
We want rape to considered a more heinous crime than terrorism and want very brutal punishments for rapists. By brutal punishments, we mean the type of punishments which will remind them, every single minute, that they have done something which is not AT ALL Acceptable in human society.


Abhay Shrivastava

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How this will help

because it could be anyone,the girl was a normal 23 year could be anyone, even you.

it is time to ask for an action by Government and Judiciary.

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