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If children, mentally, morally, and emotionally unstable members of society did not have access to firearms there are countless lives that would have been saved over the last decade. The problem is not Americans owning and carrying guns. The problem is many of those gun owners do not properly secure and keep accountability of those weapons. And THOSE!! Individuals need to be held legally accountable. Only this morning I read the headlines about an 11 year old boy that took a pistol to school in an attempt to protect his friends from another incident. He reportedly took the pistol from a relative that was visiting his home. That relative as well as the child's parents should be charged with failure to properly manage a firearm. CHARGE THEM, FINE THEM, AND REMOVE THEIR RIGHT TO BE IN POSSESSION OF WEAPONS. Mentally, morally, and emotionally unstable members of society should not have access to firearms either. This will be achieved through more stringent control of the purchase and sale of those firearms. Weapons dealers should be required to request a federal background check prior to selling a weapon. This should include a national database that tracks mental instability. As a medical professional I understand patient privacy rights, however, If owning a firearm means that much to me then I will gladly waive those rights. To my fellow gun owners I ask you to support this petition so those of us that are responsible are not looked down upon for upholding "the right of the people to keep and bear arms". And for those that fail in that responsibility, they should lose that right. And for my fellow Americans that wish to keep these guns out of the hands of the public; I ask you to sign this petition so we can first get them off the streets, the coffee tables, and the kitchen counters. Let's get them all under lock and key and out of reach of our children and those that are struggling with life and should not be handling them in the first place. This gun debate will wage on for a long time, so let's get congress to take rapid action to significantly reduce these atrocities across our country.

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