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Save the future of our children by pursuing an alternative to medicating children for disruptive or

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STOP DRUGGING Our Children: Lets force the federal governement to bring the violence to a honest end by saving the children before they take it this far again!!! Follow the link below in order to sign the petition : WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO:
Federally Investigate Violence & Psychotropic Medication & Stop Turning Our Children into Angry Monsters with the Drugs
With all the violent massacres in the US schools today, there is a need to truly get to the root cause of this violence. There has been numerous studies that have proven there is a link between psychotropic medication and homicidal and/or suicidal ideation"s but yet no one stops it. More and more psychotropic medications are being developed, being approved by the FDA, and prescribed by physicians and psychiatrists who have no real education into the reality of the truth. Psychology and Medicine are two entirely different sciences at which psychology is not truly a science in the first place but only Theory; therefore, one cannot possibly believe in truth that medicine can heal psychological issues. Violence is an action derived from emotions and emotions are nothing but feelings.

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