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Senator John McCain

It has been brought to our attention "WE THE PEOPLE" that you are behind the objection & deletion of "Reclassification" in the Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act. Why Sir? Your actions and decisions still leave our MWD's as equipment. The Act was sent to the Armed Service Committee for approval and deciding what should stay or go for the Senate version to be passed. You being the Ranking Member of the Armed Services Committee objected to reclassification for Military Working Dogs. Reclassification as well recognition was overruled by you and deleted from Senate Bill S.2134 which passed the Senate. Act H.R. 4103 passed the House Of Representatives on May 18th 299-120 . It was entered into the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013 as The Canine Member Of the Armed Forces Act ,including the heart and soul of the Act "Reclassification" . Senator McCain 299 State Representatives approved reclassification what are your reasons for objecting to their decisions ? Sir this is such a dishonor to these K9's who have saved lives on our Nations Battlefields over the last Century next to their fellow Soldiers. These K9's have earned their right to become Members Of our Armed Forces no question!! As a Vietnam Veteran and POW how can you forget that these K9 Soldiers saved over 10,000 lives in Vietnam. Also Senator McCain remember we left over 4,000 of these Brave K9 Soldiers there because they were "equipment". This is not the 1970's our eyes see much clearer the role MWD's play as Members of our Military. Sir you seem to lack understanding and knowledge please take a little time to educate, understand their purpose and the importance of MWD's. Ask the Handlers who served and those serving now if they consider K-9's as members of our Armed Forces and also the soldiers whose lives these MWD's have saved if they believe them to be equipment. MWD's are credited with saving over 150 soldiers during their deployments & service. Why did you delete and object ? Sir just as you have been Honored and Recognized for your Service to our Nation who I might add did not forget about you so should our Military Working Dogs they deserve no less. We The People believe the time has come. You can change your stance and do the right & Honorable thing for them now Honor them please.
"SUPPORT THEM" Senator McCain Remember "Ignorance can be overcome with education & research but blindness is unacceptable when Honor is involved" Please reconsider your views on our Military Working Dogs they Serve and have earned the right to be soldiers not equipment. The people signing this Petition want your views and reasons for seeing Military Dogs as equipment as a weapon same as a rifle.


Joe Kelly

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Why should I sign? Sign because you believe in our Military Working Dogs and the rights and recognition they have clawed their way to earn. Sign for those who gave their Lives and suffered...

Why should I sign? Sign because you believe in our Military Working Dogs and the rights and recognition they have clawed their way to earn. Sign for those who gave their Lives and suffered wounds and injuries. Sign for those serving now in Afghanistan and all over the world working faithfully for no pay just the love of their handler and a Kong ball. Sign for our MWD's giving all their quality years usually 90% of their life to the Service of Our Nation until physically they can do no more and are disabled and declared excess. Sign for the thousands of soldiers who walked this earth because of these K9's actions & Service. Sign for the Handlers and MWD's who were Killed in Action and those who died together side by side. Sign for all our Military Working Dogs who plowed the trail in all the wars of our past as Members of our Armed Forces saving soldiers lives and giving their own. Sign for the 4,000 plus we left behind in Vietnam abandoned like all the other equipment. Never again can we let this happen never. We the people understand and love them that's why you are signing to be their voice for the "HONOR" they earned & deserve. Contact him directly below please phone and email him this old school boy theory in DC that " Hell there just dogs" is obsolete and a dishonor no longer acceptable. Thank You and Please INVITE and Share for the K9's.


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