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Strongly consider becoming a user and director of Freewilll

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How this will help

A project is currently being developed to empower people with equal power, opportunity and fair access to time and resources to help them achieve their Dreams.

The project in all of its perceived chaos can be seen at (big plans ;p).

Stage 1 of the development is much simpler and more refined however, and it would help our cause to be able to show that there is support for a web platform that:

1) Is owned by all of its users, eventually equally
2) Helps users to identify and organise their Interests
3) Empowers people to share their time in relation to their interests
4) Enables people to identify their Dreams, and to access other people's shared time through them.
5) Provides users with Goodwill equally for time that they share, with this being used to bid for fair access to shared time that's in demand (and free products later).

We are currently seeking web developers to help create the web platform through, and being able to show user demand will help.

If you would value the development of such a platform, please support this cause. Any supporters will be messaged when the web platform is ready for use.

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