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The socio-economic conditions of the Muslim community of India present a dismal picture. The Muslims are deprived of due representation in public employment even at the lowest level. This all has happened due to neglected attitude of Indian Government and its representative.Deliberately,they tried to keep us away from the power as out of many there were several examples in Public Service Commission which has fixed 200 marks for the viva test. The Muslim candidates who qualify the written tests lose badly in viva. In the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) examination of 2012, for instance, only 30 muslim out of total 910 candidates were successful. This comes to only 3.2 percent of the total number of candidates who qualified in the examination.In this way, the representation of the Muslims in various Ministries is approaching to zero. The number of Muslims in class I and II jobs in various Ministries of the Central Government was 677 as against a total of 39,375 on 31 March 2011.This comes to only 1.7 percent,
Muslims are also denied equal opportunity in the private sector. Their representation is indeed very poor in the law and order machinery, whether state police, armed constabulary or central para-military and armed forces. Minority educational institutions, especially those run by the Muslims, are facing various types of constraints and impediments. Minority concentration areas are neglected by the government in respect of establishing educational institutions. As a result, the literacy level of the Muslim community is much below the average level of India (among men 48 percent against the country's average of 63 percent and among women less than 33 percent). The school enrolement level of the Muslim children is also very low. Because of the hurdles at the lower level of education, the share of Muslim students at higher and professional level is also much below the national level of India.
The decennial censuses or the national sample surveys do not generally address themselves to the living conditions of the Muslims. The socio-economic plight of the Indian Muslims therefore remain clouded in mystery. It is, however, never disputed that the Muslims are not better than the Dalits (Harijans) or the OBC (Other Backward Castes). As V.T. Rajshekar observes, the Muslims of India "are in many ways worse than Untouchables and in recent years they are facing dangers of mass annihilation. Sachar Committee Report presents some data about the socio-economic conditions of the Indian Muslims.
• 52.3 percent of Muslims live below poverty line with a monthly income of Indian Rupees 550 (US$ 10) or less.
• 58.5 percent are illiterate.
• Only 5 percent of Indians who receive education up to high school are Muslims.
• Only 1.8 percent of Indian college graduates are Muslims.
• Only 3.4 percent of Indians in government jobs are Muslims.
• Only 3.7 percent of Indians who receive financial assistance from the government for starting business are Muslims.
• Only 5 percent of Indians who receive loan from government-owned banks are Muslims.
• Only 2 percent of Indians who receive institutional loans from the government are Muslims.
Awqaf (endowment) properties worth billions of dollars, dedicated by the Muslim philanthropists for some specific purposes and objectives, are now given to the Waqf Boards which are constituted by the Governments of the States and the Central Government. The members of these boards are nominated on the basis of political consideration. A large portion of these properties is misused by the members and officials of the boards. Moreover, very significant portion of these properties is allowed to be misappropriated and occupied by the Land Mafias in connivance with Administration.

Furthermore, after the 1947 partition of British India that created Pakistan as a homeland for Muslims, there is the lingering but often unstated view that Muslims just do not belong in India. The Indian government and officials at various levels have been accused of overlooking the plight of Indian Muslims. The unsettling data and stories of declining fortunes detailed in Muslims in Indian Cities back up this claim.
Muslims in India are more likely to live in cities than other religious groups, which would normally indicate a wealthier population. However, the opposite is the case. Eight percent of urban Muslims are part of the formal sector compared to 21% of the total population in India. Only 3% of Muslims work for the government, while 13% of the total population does. This exclusion from the formal sector results in lower wages. The average Muslims household expend 800 rupees per month, equivalent to the lowest caste Hindus, and far less than the over 2200 rupees spent by upper caste Hindus. Muslims are also underrepresented in the judiciary and legislature in India. Only 4% of the High Court Justices, less than 3% of the Indian Administrative Service Officers, and 3% of Indian Police Service officers are Muslims. In the Indian Parliament, 5.5% of the MPs are Muslims. Furthermore, note that “many important states—including Gujarat, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Delhi, Rajasthan, and last but not least Maharashtra—do not have even one seating Muslim MP” (p.5). This is indeed a monumental decline for a population whose ancestors once ruled the region for hundreds of years.
Many Politicos who is doing the politics of making fool of Muslims must understand that they could not do it anymore. Mulayam Singh Yadav,chief of Samajwadi Party which is ruling the state of Uttar Pradesh on the basis of support given by Muslim community has raised the issue of Muslim Reservation in Parliament on 17th December 2012 but why doesn't he himself take initiative by applying Muslim Reservation system in Uttar Pradesh where his Party is in power and his son Akhilesh Yadav is a Chief Minister who commands absolute majority in Vidhan Sabha.
Apart from him there are several muslim Politicians who talk about the plight of muslim at the time of election but once they come to power they would forget everything and just concentrate on to make wealth.After achieving power they becomes selfish and forget very those people who brought them to power.
Now,the time has come for us to raise our voice for the right of our community because nothing is going to happen by just sitting idle and talk.


Shahi Rizvi

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Mission will have to start from somewhere so why not from here.Kindly make it a cause not for your life but for generations to come.......I totally believe in couplet so do u also.........Hum...

Mission will have to start from somewhere so why not from here.Kindly make it a cause not for your life but for generations to come.......I totally believe in couplet so do u also.........Hum Akele hi chale thhey Janibe Manzil Magar.......Log saath aate gaye or Karwan banta gaya.........Lets make it Bigger enough for our voice to reach Delhi Sultanante.....


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