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The nightmare of Champion Sam's past is written permanently on his face.

His life was spent between two extremes -- languishing in squalor and fighting for his life in a bloody pit -- until we rescued him and 16 other dogs during a dogfighting raid in Jacksonville, Florida.

When we arrived on the scene in March, things were even worse than we'd heard.

Some of the dogs were staked to heavy chains. Others were caged in dug-out pits. Three dogs were crammed in little elevated boxes -- like rabbit hutches -- living in total darkness and isolation.

And then there was Champion Sam, triple-locked in a cage made of scrap metal and bits of wood.

Sam was a three-time champion. His "victories" were hard-won. His muzzle is down to the bone. A dog probably grabbed his face and hung on -- and without veterinary care, he lost most of his teeth, lips...everything but his nose.

Even after a lifetime of abuse, Sam is so gentle, so loving. He just wants to be held, to lie in a warm lap, to play in the grass.

Please watch Sam's story -- then become a hero for animals like him by making a donation to The Humane Society of the United States today.


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