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Imagine yourself playing chess in an attractive and comfortable gathering place, surrounded by players of all ages and backgrounds, knowing that you're part of a community and a larger scene. One of the things you love about it is that there's a rated tournament going on whenever you're in the mood, on weekday evenings as well as on weekends, including events for beginners and players new to tournament chess. Another is that, whatever your strength, there's a class you can take that will help you reach the next level. And it's not in New York, San Francisco or St. Louis, but right here at home in Chicago.

Donate now to the Chicago Chess Center and support the creation of a new civic and educational institution.

Your donation will help the Chicago Chess Center secure a site, open its doors, and begin holding classes and tournaments starting this coming May.

Chicago's last metropolitan chess club, the Chicago Chess and Checker Club, died out 30 years ago when it lost its space downtown. Our namesake, Jules Stein's Chicago Chess Center, closed not long after Stein passed away, 22 years ago. Since then, Chicago has had other chess clubs, but no lasting one with institutional stature. We wish to bring that history back to life. The Chicago Chess Center will be more than just a club: it will be a school of chess, a destination and gathering place, and the focus of a vibrant and expanded chess scene.

Why chess?

Chess is a gym workout for the mind -- part of a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

Chess is one of many skills that one can learn as an adult. A late start in life is no obstacle. Distance running is very popular, yet no one begins distance running as children -- they begin as adults, seeking an enjoyable way to challenge themselves that also improves how they feel about themselves.

Chess is cultural capital -- the modern continuation of a tradition that goes back centuries, in both high and low society.

And chess has many documented benefits for youth, not only the logical reasoning skills that chess imparts but also "soft skills": patience, attentiveness, self-discipline, conflict management, sportsmanship, and connecting effort and practice with success. It offers young people a safe and beneficial recreational activity. It gives them a constructive framework in which they can interact with individuals of different ages and backgrounds. And young players improve faster when they have opportunities to practice often and receive structured guidance from teachers and coaches.

Thank you for your interest and your support. We can do this with your help. Please give now and show that after 22 years without one, Chicago is ready to support a centrally located metropolitan chess club again.

Visit our website: Note that donations made through our website will not show up on this page, but they will count toward our goal!

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