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Chant for the causes that I care about for 7 second and make a difference with my VOICE!

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How this will help

Dear Friends,

The Worldview Impact Foundation is thrilled to partner with the Chant Foundation in celebrating the CHANT kickoff globally at 12 noon on December 21, 2012. This global event will be taking place on all 7 continents and we look forward to hearing about your own inspired endeavours.

CHANT's motivation is to bring unbridled joy and focus our attention on enhancing the environment. And, to have a lot of fun! The 21st of December is the culmination of a 26,000 year cycle and the beginning of a fresh, new epoch.

There are myriad ways to engage with CHANT: all you have to do is choose a tone, colour and a cause from our attached document (CHANT Lexicon). You can CHANT in any shape or form you choose: as a family, school group, in a band, at a dinner party, in the bathroom, the boardroom or the playground, on a mountain peak or on a boat in the ocean. There's no limit to your creativity, you can do it wherever you like and however you like, it's your CHANT.

Already scheduled are extraordinary, cornerstone events in 7 continents: an Amazonian musician, composer and poet in Manaus will be leading a shamanic flashmob at the mouth of the Amazon; children will be chanting on the beach in the Maldives; the first chant in Antarctica will sound out from a scientific research station; surfers will chant in California; there will be forest chanting in woodland in Japan and chanting inside the Lyngdoh Sacred Forest in Meghalaya North East India; a chant at Stonehenge in the UK; and finally 2 events are in planning in Kenya and New Zealand.

There are several examples on our Facebook page (see especially Doha COP 18 Chanters): See

Here is a presentation on how to organize a group chant: (Please allow time for this to load…it can take as much as a minute): See

That link provides everything you will need to organize, record and upload your chants to our website to join our global choir. The collective notes will be given to musicians who will incorporate these in their tracks; and the sale of which will help fund the cause you chanted for. See

Please be sure to let us know if there is any way we can help you.

We'll be honoured if you will join us on this journey of enchantment.

Best wishes

Bremley Lyngdoh

P.S. One more ask, and it's very easy.

We are trying to get to 1,000 "Likes" on the CHANT Facebook page by the end of this year. Please ask your friends to get the word out and "Like" us at

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