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Make it sure that the delhi gang rape victim gets justice by 26th jaunuary 2013 i.e. by next repub

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How this will help

Our demand of justice is very clear and straight .

We Demand capital punishment i.e. hanged till death for the convicts of Delhi Gang Rape #dated 16th december 2012# and they should be "hanged till death" by 26th jauary 2012 , 00:00 hrs .

We the, responsible people of india set a deadline for justice in this case that is the accused should convicted and hanged till death by 26th january 00:00 hrs . This deadline of justice applies on all the legal & government authorities .

We belive that deadline for justice in this case is more than enough to complete & furnish all the legal & administrative procedures , policies & formalities & the time period provied is enough to provide justice to delhi gang rape vicitim .

If our demand for justice is not met and justice is not provided to the rape vicitm then we the responsible people of india will boycott " republic day of india on 26th january 2013" & massive & more intense protest will be happening across the nation.

"Because justice delayed is justice denied " .


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