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Vulgar property price rise in India


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Please don't pay black money in property trading.

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The overpricing of property in all over india is just a hoax and it can be termed as psychological pricing. There are very big scarcity of buyers in property sector just because of this stupid and vulgar pricing factor. But the sellers and agents are still increasing the price and demanding black money, just to maintain their self created dream. This is just like Satyam scam. Just a tiny honest pin can collaps this big balloon. and at that time everyone who bought property in over price will feel cheated.

->So please don't make a buying decision in hurry
->Don't pay black money for any purpose
->Buy property only when you really need it [Not for investment]
->If you have unused immobile asset. Please sell it right now [Otherwise after crackdown you will not get the right price]
->There are a lot of other way of investment. Everyone should diversify the investment for maximise the safety and security.

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