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Support Millie for her chance to LIFE!

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Millie, a 10 year old female dog, has been brought to HAR door in the worst shape imaginable, being severely injured! She has the spine fractured in two places (therefore paralyzed on back legs) and an open fracture to the right front leg! At medical check the vet doctor has found that injury at spine is pretty old and found traces of bullets in her body meaning that probably she has been used as a SHOOTING TARGET as well as being TORTURED!

She has the chance to surgery for the fractured leg as this one can be remedied and once the leg healed she might be able to "walk" in a special wheel chair!

We need funds to pay for surgery and post-surgery medical care! Please help this tormented dog! Please DONATE and SHARE her story! Please help Millie! We are immensely grateful for the smallest amount to Millie!


BANK EUR account: RO 90 INGB 0000 9999 0249 8787
ING Bank N.V. Amsterdam - Sucursala Bucuresti

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