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Build a society where women are seen as worthy equals of men in all fields and not as objects of sex

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How this will help

For the majority of the society, women are just objects of sexual fulfillment.

The very reason of rape cases going up is because in the minds of these monsters, sexual attack is not that big a deal. For that matter, passing lewd comments at a girl or molesting too isn't that big an issue.

It is something that the other gender has to bear, no matter what.

Capital punishment might just be an immediate solution to send a strong message across but what needs to stop is objectification of women. They can't be subjugated to all this nonsense anymore. And it starts in the way we portray them in the society which includes a large part of popular culture/media. More often than not people are exposed to the image of the woman as a quintessential source of titillation. Be it in ads, movies, music, etc.

This has to stop. Better sense should prevail. Gender sensitization is a must and it begins with treating women as equals and not as objects.


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