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After the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, I was devastated. I'm sure that this heinous action has shocked and affected us all. But after hearing that there was a possibility that violent video games were going to be put on the table to be banned, I am honestly appalled and disgusted. People say that violent video games makes their parenting job harder - I couldn't disagree more! If parents were more involved in their children's lives, instead of trying to use a game system as a baby sitter, then they would find that video games actually bring families closer together. I am going on 27 years old and I have grown up with video games all my life. My very first game console was a Commodore 64. Video games not only tell excellent stories, but they serve as excellent stress-relief. I do believe in the rating system that is currently in place and ask that they continue with the rating system instead of banning violent games all together. There are certain games that young children and adolescent teens should not be exposed to. But I'm pleading that you do not punish the rest of us who enjoy these video games and use them properly.


Dez Huber

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If you are a gamer or you enjoy games at all. If you love to play games and feel the way that I feel, see the things that I see, and enjoy the same games that I do. Please sign.


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