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We want to recommend that Mental Health Care become available to all at little or no cost.

We are asking that our correctional facilities not be used to house the mentally ill. To this end, people should be put through a rigorous physiological examination while going through Central Intake. And if they are considered to be mentally ill they need to be transferred to the correct facility.

We would like to ask that when said person is released that they are required to stay on medication for a minimum of six months and have blood test during that time to insure that they are on their medication.

We think that all persons that work in public buildings, national and state parks should be required to know the signs of the stages of mania and how a person acts if they are schizophrenic. We believe that guidance counselors and teachers should be trained to recognize early warning signs and have a protocol they must follow when a problem presents itself. Students that have shown a tendency towards violence, or other warning signs, should receive quarterly psychological test.

The answer to our problems is not gun control as much as it is treatment for the mentally ill. By requiring people that hold certain positions to know the warning signs, along with the statistics of people who are mentally disabled, maybe we could stop the stigmatization and shame that comes with an illness being misunderstood.


Kim Whitehurst

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It is time to step up and take care of our own. Stop the stigmatization and shame that comes with mental illness being misunderstood.


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