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Adopt animals for the right reasons and be a responsible, dedicated pet parent.

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How this will help

"I am moving away and cannot bring my animal with me"
"I simply have lost interest"
"We are getting a new animal"
"I or my kids are allergic"
"I do not have the time to care for my animal"

Phrases that are all too common in online ads titled "Free to New Home".

Although there are legitimate reasons to need to rehome your animal friends, I am confident that all pet parents will agree with me when I say that it is outrageous to see how many people are discarding cats, dogs, and other companions. You need to be adopting an animal in to your home for the RIGHT reasons. Not because it's cute, or because you are lonely, or because you can just afford it at the time. The decision to start your pet family should reflect the same thought-process taken when deciding to start your human family.

All pets take money, attention, patience and TIME. Time can mean months, to years, to decades depending on your animal. If you are spontaneous and easily lose interest, but want to have animals, consider FOSTERING for the Humane Society or a local shelter. Many animals could use a temporary friend while they await new homes.

Responsible adopting and dedication to your animals can reduce the amount of homeless, sheltered and euthanized animals worldwide. Take the pledge to adopt for the right reasons!

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