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On Friday December 14, 2012 in Newtown, CT at Sandy Hook Elementary School just weeks away from a very spiritual time of the year a horrific tragedy happened where we lost 27 innocent lives. This needs to be a wakeup call. I am starting a petition to address the needs of our National Community. If a decoy car can be disabled by Law Enforcement by remote to help stop criminals from stealing a car or jails go into lockdown to secure our prisoners and guards then OUR SCHOOLS who teach OUR CHILDREN everyday should have the ability to be remotely locked down if a situation arises. When a button is hit it will also alert Law Enforcement Agencies/Local Police that something serious is happening and the remote has been hit. Teachers and Admin personnel should carry a wristband or hidden necklace with a remote ability to trigger a lockdown when an emergency threatens the school and our children and staff are threatened. The Doors to each class are always shut while in session so why not have bullet resistant materials for our doors and windows.

Here is a link to explain all about bullet resistant:

The lives lost on this day should not be in vein. Let this be a Call To Action in their names as well as others who have lost their lives similarly. Please join me in keeping OUR Angels, the next generation from evil doers. Our mission here is to ensure that our children as well as Educators and other staff members are safe.

I, Jacqueline Mogan would like you to join me in signing this petition and to stand up with me to help make our schools a safer environment for learning and teaching.


Jacquelin Mogan

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Because you want to stop the violence
Because you want Our Children Safe
Because you believe that schools are meant to learn and to teach
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