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More awareness, more education, more funding, and more health care needs to be provided for those suffering from mental illness. All too often families who deal with members suffering from mental illness are bogged down by lack of funding, lack of medical assistance (doctors, medicine, etc.). Those with mental illness either don't get the necessarily medical treatment/care or are misdiagnosed or just cast aside by society. Families don't have the finances or means to take care of them. Many end up on the streets or worse.

We have see too many instances where someone diagnosed with mental illness ends up becoming so violent, so uncontrollable that they find whatever means possible and needlessly kill/slaughter innocent lives before taking their own. Every life is valuable, even those suffering from mental illness. Given the proper care, most can function with society. All too quickly, politicians and others are quick to give a "solution" that is just not viable nor does it take care of the real problem. Gun control will not stop violence. Legislaturing a ban on guns will not and does not take care of those with mental illness. Mental illness comes in various forms: PTSD, biopolar, chemical, etc, As long as we continue to ignore it, nothing will help these people and little will get resolved, resulting in more and more senseless murders. Unless and until mental illness is treated properly, more and more innocent lives will end.


Danette G Sheldon

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To make mental illness and the lack of care more of an issue than gun control. Banning guns will not help those suffering from mental illness, nor will it stop any future violent acts!

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