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Please lets protect our kids

I propose that we as a people demand that the president, government, protect our children it is the law to send them to school we are required to do so with all these shootings they should be obligated to keep them safe getting rid of guns is not the answer cause then only criminals would have them a walk through metal detector is about $5000.00 we need these at our schools it is bad that it has come to that but what we have been doing is not working I am tired of seeing innocent life lost and am frankly scared to even send my kids to school we have many a veterans and good people out there looking for work if we were to employ them to guard our children the schools would be safer because a coward goes to a school to hurt people we need to put fear in them that we will not tolerate this anymore the initial cost would be give or take around $15,000 at each school but if government and parents everywhere band together this is not that much no cost is to much to ensure the safety of our children


Renee Dew

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We need to ensure our children are safe when they go to school Life is to precious


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