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Contact Michigan Governor & Tourism Page & Boycott Michigan

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How this will help

Thank you for your calls---we lost 66-43 in the house....sadly, Michigan will hunt wolves unless there is a miracle and Governor Snyder refuses to sign the bill into law --- better chance of 10 alien ships landing on your front lawn tonight.

Michigan's extreme hunting and anti-predator groups carry a lot of influence in that state---so like immature, neanderthals in the school yard, Michigan hunters now will have their chance to destroy wolves.

We have only two immediate things left to do----contact the Governor of Michigan and urge him NOT to sign this legislation into law (that likely won't work), or get serious, very serious about boycotting wolf killing tourism, no purchasing of their manufactured products or services. That is the only leverage we have for right now. If, literally, millions would boycott, we could bring them to their knees.

Governor Rick Snyder
D.C. Office 202-624-5540
or his executive office in Michigan - 517-335-7858

You may want to leave a comment on Michigan's Tourism page on FB--
You may want to tell them if the Governor signs this into law, you will have no choice but to boycott the state of Michigan - no tourist dollars, and no purchases of services or products!

Many howls.......on this dark, dark night in Michigan....


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