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Join the protest against Delhi Bus Rape case

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BOYCOTT! : Ensure 'No Show' at Republic Day and at any press conference of PM , President or any political leader...
Just because this government has failed to ensure citizen's security and spreading corruption everywhere.. and when we gather to protest they beat us like where is the point to gather to hear them when they call us the listen to them.
We see indian people peeing in public places in india.... it is a matter of social we dnt take any action against that...bcz we are use to this... ok!
But Now what..!.. Now we are seeing girls are getting raped in Public Transports (buses) say who wanna sit still .... still now..? ..hopefully no one wanna be that shameless and make it a daily 'used to' news...
those mentally retarded culprits and the useless administration both need some lessons to learn... so protest actively and do something....
Jaago India Jaago....................


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