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Share an amazing Christmas story about dogs and people.

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"She stared at the little closer star. Then she started hearing each beat of her heart thumping louder.

White Snow refused to close the eyes, as the star would also disappear, like the building, her legs and her body. Only her heart was moving, beating too loudly! Each time she closed her eyes for a moment, she saw a table that she could reach and jump on, with lots of food, all shapes and sized, food that smelled divine, filling her nose. All her babies were playing in safety, in fluffy blankets. They ate until their bellies were full. Then, after jumping all over, they slept peacefully, with puppy smiles all over their faces."

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Small gestures make a difference for those less lucky than we are. Because Christmas is not about eating pigs and buying or receiving expensive gifts, it is about sharing and giving. The spirit of Christmas is to have to whom to share symbolic gifts. This story is about dogs and people.


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