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GIVE ALL MY DOOM'S DAY Canned Food to the POOR and NEEDY

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Hi Folks,

Many people have prepared for the 21st December 2012 Mayan Calendar predicted earth holocaust. Its is reported everywhere this week in National Geographic Channel, CNN, Facebook, Google and every form of communication in this planet.

Here is what this Pledge is all about. We are asking you just this one request if, you participate in 21st December's calamity preparation. Whether you believe in it or not; whether you stock up your home with all the survival contingency to handle any emergencies or not; we are just asking you just one easy request...

If 22nd December, 2012 which is the day after Doom's Day as predicted by the Mayan Calendar is a wonderful bright day with clear blue skies and, as normal as any other day in the year. If, the predicted disruption and destruction DID NOT happen.... Can we all give thanks and gratitude to God by giving all your stocked emergency food, drinks and clothings to charity homes, some poor family so that their Christmas will be great or any needy person you know.

Lets remember, that the main mission of your stock canned food and survival items were purchased so that 'life can be sustained in any lacking emergencies'. All these canned food that you have stocked up are actually surplus to you and your family.

Maybe, the DOOM's DAY could be a good thing as it may give us an opportunity, to now share our food and things, with the less fortunate and needy.

Give it your best thought at heart level about this pledge. We pray worldwide for the safety of everyone and the prevention of any form of risk to this planet.

We thank you for you kind consideration. Please spread this message worldwide for all to open up our hearts and share in gratitude the gift of life with everyone.

Towards a world of gratitude. God Bless you.

Julian Leicester

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