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Put a COMPLETE stop to bullying!

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Hello, my name is Kayti. Recently, my very own sister has taken her life because of this horrible thing people do called: BULLYING.
Ever since this has happenede, I have tried my verey best to change people who bully. People who get bullied, and even those people who have even had a tiny thought of comitting suiiced. I am going to try, and I hope you will too: to COMPLETELY STOP bullying, I think that if we try our best to just give someone a simple compliment and tell them they look nice, that they might, just might think differently. Or you can ask someone that looks extremely happy if everything is okay.... Danielle was the happiest girl you would've ever seen, you would've neer thought she would do that, that she would nevere even think about it.
Please, help put a stop to this non-sence.
Thank you for al of you support.

~~~~Kayti A. Polit~~~~


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