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Lolita is an orca whale who comes from Puget Sound. She was stolen from her mother as a baby and taken to the smallest orca tank in the world. It's so tiny that when she is upright, her body bends at the tail. Statistically, the average wild orca swims 100 miles per day. Given that
her tank is 35ft long, this would indicate that she’d have to swim a
staggering 150,85 circles per day just to reach her wild counter part’s
mileage. She performs multiple shows per day and hasn't seen her own species in more than a decade. For 4 decades now, the AWA and the USDA have chosen to overlook Lolita's poor conditions, probably as a result of financial bribery. However, her enclosure is breaking many laws including the fact that cetaceans must be housed with a companion. Whilst she shares with two other dolphins, she will not be able to communicate with them therefore it's no better than living with foreign room mates. There is no shade for Lolita under the blistering Miami sun. To top it all off, Lolita's species (the southern resident orcas) are completely endangered but once again, this has been overlooked.


Mary Nesbitt-Larking

Orcas are one of the most intelligent and socially complex mammals to dwell our planet. They stay with their mothers for their entire lives and need continual stimulation from the ocean. Lolita has not seen her ocean home in many years yet she still recognises her own mother's calls and frequently cries out for her. She is nothing but a slave surviving purely because she has to. Please take just a few seconds to sign this petition and let us see the day where Lolita can finally retire.


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