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Our children need your help. We need to send a message to the Reavis High School Board that we will no longer accept wasteful spending at the expense of our children's education. Please raise your voice with ours to demand that the School Board vote NO to a contract extension for the current superintendent (Dan Riordan). His current contract is set to end in 2016. The Reavis High School Board voted on a contract extension this March 2012 to extend his contract to 2016. Another extension will cost the residents of Burbank 2.5 million dollars. Another extension would erroneous, especially with the current failing AYP results of our students. It is the responsibility of the Superintendent to improve programs and student learning. Our school has decrease AYP scores by 20% in the past two years alone. This superintendent has not shown success for our children and often acts in his own interests and not our children's. In a recent Board meeting Dan Riordan stated, "We made the decision not to introduce any new courses…. Because the budget is tight we would not introduce the new courses" (Dec. 11, 2012). Tight budgets must not only apply to decreasing programs in our children's academics but also to contract extensions for AYP failing superintendents. The School Board members are elected representatives, who are to be our voices. They have not been acting in the best interest of our children, nor are they listening to their constituents.


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