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The holidays are upon us, after a bad economic year, and money is tight for all of us, especially those who are still unemployed, 3-1/2 years later, like Wolf's guardian, ME!

Please pledge to skip a couple of Starbuck's, or a few drinks at Happy Hour or that gag stocking-stuffer you really don't need, and donate the savings to help save Wolf's life. He needs a CT scan and obviously treatment for this 'mysterious growth' that is preventing his breathing, and now his eating, as it grows larger each day he goes without treatment. We have had several generous donations which have helped pay his vet bills to date, but not nearly enough to cover what is to come.

If you 'really' cannot donate even $1-2, then at least pledge to circulate his donation link and entice your friends and family to contribute to Wolf's Medical Treatment , starting with the CT scan he needs to have quickly, if we are to prevent this thing from growing any larger. Cancer has not been ruled out and he may need radiation treatments as well as surgery and chemo are not options for this area.

All vet reports and recommendations, as well as invoices paid and unpaid, will be available for inspection of all donors and potential donors, in case this activity may seem like some sort of scam. It is not!

Here is the email, text and IM code that can be used to direct donors to the donation site. You can fill in the amount you choose to donate. Keep in mind that PayPal takes a percentage of all donations for their handling fees.



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