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God belongs everywhere including schools.

It should be no surprise to anyone that havoc & tragedy occurs in our schools along with drugs, sex, bulllying & other acts of violence.

Children need to learn about God's love.

Some children come from a Christian family and some do not. If prayers and God were allowed in schools then children could learn about God's love, the 10 commandments & how to take responsibility of their own actions.

I strongly believe there would be less anger among the student body. Less anger results in a more positive attitude which leads to less violence.

Schools should allow teachers to pray out loud with and over their students before beginning the school day and also pray a prayer of gratefulness before eating lunch.

Having God in one's heart does make a positive difference.

GOD is LOVE...we need to teach children-the next generation-about love.

More Love = Less Violence


Donna Welcomes You

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How this will help

One should sign this petition so we can show God is needed in the schools. Also, we will prove to God that we as His children do believe in His word and His protection.

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