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Not purchase video games that capitalize on innocent people murdered

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This is the most violent and disgusting game! This game maker is capitalizing on a real life massacre! It gives blueprints on how to kill! This kind of video game is where our nation is going if we do not take a stand! There are other factors as well, and yes some people can partake in this game and walk away the same, and the percentage that broods on it cannot! we as a nation should say this is not acceptable on our shelves! there is a reason why you get red flagged for googling how to make a bomb, why would this be different, seeking a video game that teaches how to kill at random! I know a lot of you will have the argument of the parental ratings, but duh, this game isn't any good for any age! if you get amusement from games like this, don't sign the pledge, simple as that! I know also that I am not targeting games as the number 1 reason for such hanus acts, just trying to find our humanity and do my part to end promoting such crap!

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