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Need of the hour is a wake up call to th society to protect the girl child and give her a peaceful childhood bestowed with the basic amenities and education.

Bias based on gender should be abolished.Girls are the victims of child labour.Parents in the lower income strata of the society and below poverty line opt to make their daughters work to generate extra income to ease their financial burden and educate their sons instead.Is it fair to deny girls a chance to be empowered in the future?Even to this day it is a common practice among the affluent in some parts of the country to bring home small maids from their native place to take care of their children and do the household work 24 *7.Can we ever imagine our own kin in such a pathetic situation?

It is absolutely necessary for the girls right from the age of 3 to be aware of /educated on the topic of good and bad touch & to tell the mothers if somebody tries to play mischief.They are the most vulnerable to sexual abuse at that innocent may having a lasting impression,extend well into their adolescence and lead to depression.

Moms need to play a pivotal role in the upbringing of their girls.. make them understand that friendly strangers like lift operators and drivers/attenders of school buses are not to be trusted completely ,escort them wherever they go and also monitor their mood swings..The child should confide in her mother completely and the moms should be ever willing to listen to all that their daughters have to say. A strong bond of trust and confidence should exist between the mother & daughter.

Girls need to be taught right from a very tender age the ways to cope up with pressure from all walks and how to handle issues without wilting. Determination and courage to face challenges is a must.They must be trained to accept a "NO" for an answer where needed and clearly taught that there may be children more................................................

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