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Let's start this in Kansas City and show the world how progressive we can be! In every story, whether printed or spoken, the names of mass murderers should be censored, starting 72 hours after the criminal is identified. This is what we do when words are obscene; perhaps this will end this outlet for fame that they seem to be seeking. In radio or Television stories, the names can be mentioned ONCE at the beginning of the story, then bleeped or in print, blackened by a censor bar. This would especially apply to stories reviewing past tragedies, where similar events from 20 years ago are churned up again and again. Instead, the Victims' names should be used whenever possible. The story itself could be referred to as "The Colorado Theater Shooting" with month and year added if necessary: "The London Train Assault in 1993."

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Pat Munn

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How this will help

Perhaps this will end these unstable people's quest for media coverage and 'fame' in what they may see as the only way available to them.


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