Sign the Petition to Governments of The United States of America, President Obama, and Australian P M Tony Abbott

So  many children are being taken away from their Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents by Government Departments for all the wrong reasons and not giving the family a say in any of it. They put everyone in the same category and are so blind sighted by the rules of their practices, that they can not see the real damage it is doing to these beautiful children. Not to mention, the pain and suffering of the families that truly love and care for their child or children. Children that are stable and happy at home, with no violence or abuse in any way, should not be taken from their families. No one is perfect, and as long as the child or children are not abused in any wayand are thriving because of care, safety and love that we give them, they should not be taken from our care. The Government should see that it is doing more harm, than good in so many ways, and that by taking these children away from a loving stable home and placing them in foster care or in a children's home is wrong. If we stand up assertively for our Human Rights, Civil rights and Civil Liberties and let them see that their Conservative Ideologies for this is wrong and it needs to be reviewed desperately. Please give our children back......let our children come home Why can't they see that their little hearts are breaking and our hearts are shattered.


Deborah Ann Wickham

Please sign this partition. I am not saying that children are not abused, because I know they are and they need protection...I am saying, if your child or children have been taken where there is NO abuse what so ever and were thriving at home because of your care and love, then they should NOT be taken from their families.  If you are suffering in the same way or you know someone who is please sign, we need to let the Governments all over the world know that this is happening. And something needs to be done about it. As so many families are destroyed because of it. It is not the lost, old Stolen generation anymore, it has become. The new Stolen Generation.


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