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Dear 6waves

we all love playing our favourite game: Astro Garden. We love tending our gardens, feeding our animals, working on quests.
Most of all we love the friendships that have formed as a result of playing this game. Numerous groups on facebook are filled with new friends, new encounters and incredibly big hearts.

After the Connecticut shooting a happy game like Astro-Garden can feel as heavy as our hearts. Suddenly some of the issues we have seem less important. And yet, we love to return - mostly because of our neighbors and friends because for a lot of us it makes us feel a little safer, a little more in control, a little more loved. And the game in itself reminds of peace and beauty that is so often missing in our lives.

So we would like to play the game AND help.

Can you please make it possible to donate 1 Gold to the victims of the Connecticut shooting. Perhaps as easy as giving away a unicorn? Or perhaps add 1 gold to the unicorn price and every time we give away a unicorn, this extra Gold is donated to the victims?

This is a petition signed by people who want to play the Game AND help. Would you consider adding an option that will make it possible to help the school, the families of the victims, the community that is so shaken.

We want to help and would like your help to do so.

Thank you very much.


Sabine May

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How this will help

Because we give away unicorns, pay real money make other people happy or our avatars faster. And because it would make a stand for the big family Astro-Players are.


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