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Let's Rebuild America Through Creative Excellence

When soldiers return from tours of duty, they often feel disconnected from the life that they left. The mission is complete, yet they feel like they lack purpose. In addition to the injuries and trauma of war, this sense of loss of purpose is difficult to articulate and even harder for others to understand. For those soldiers who double as artists, it is even more heartbreaking.

For soldiers suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder, art can be therapy. Art can give them a renewed sense of purpose that allows them to heal the wounds of war and gives them back their lives.

Art can be a viable way forward. By supporting arts that give back to veterans, you serve those who have served you. VAP provides a vehicle for Veteran Artists to receive the recognition and promotion they deserve for their art and thrive economically as artists.

Why Veteran Artists?

Art connects diverse people, brings communities together, creates conversation, and activates change. Art promotes self-expression and healing. And art can bring joy and new life to communities.

Veteran artists have a unique view of the social, political, and international landscape and add a new voice to the arts world.

The Veteran Artist Program offers recognition and promotion of arts created by veterans, and access to artist communities that may not otherwise be as accessible to veterans. The goal of VAP is to reconnect veterans and society through the arts, offer service by promoting veteran artists, and provide a means to make art a viable career choice for veterans.

VAP has created numerous ground-breaking initiatives with many planned in the future and we need your help to keep going.

The desire for the Veteran Artist to serve, create and be seen, and for the sponsors and donors to pave the path forward is extraordinary. These are unprecedented times. VAP's greatest fear is that it will not have the resources necessary to fulfill these desires.

The stars are aligning. How can you help?

Join the Stars and Stripes Honor Guard

By becoming a part of our elite Honor Guard, you will be serving those who have served you and your country:

• Give Veteran Artists renewed meaning and purpose
• Bring the Voice of the Veteran Artist into the Mainstream America
• Be part of a movement to heal and bring communities together
• Use Art to Revitalize Communities
• Sponsor a service organization that is rebuilding America
• Redefine the veteran as an artist
• Create professional and economic success for Veteran Artists


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