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District Attorney J. Schuyler Marvin

Dear Mr. D.A.

How is it that Wesley Lowe (Celeste's Father) was at the house leading up to the death of Anna Celeste Lowe (5 years old) but yet he is walking free? Catherine (step-mother) may have actually murdered her but her father (Wesley) knew what was going on. Why did it take them 2 days to take her to hospital? Why had she been dead hours before taking her to hospital? Why is Wesley Lowe walking free??? There should be some type of justice...a small child was abused, neglected and murdered in the care of her father and step-mother.


Jessica Turner-Yeates

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Everyone should sign this to get the D.A. in Bossier Parish, LA to put Wesley Lowe behind bars for the death of his daughter.


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