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To civilians and citizen of Canada and supporters

1. We are born innocent: torture should not be used at any age on profiled individuals.

2.We need to study where the money for profiling and torture comes from. Qui paga.

3.Social darwinism in Canada shows that with money, power to use weapns without sanctions, and the support of conservative monies regardless of elected government thus far, anything can be proven especially to demonstrate the fave beliefs of nazi medicine and eugenics.

4.The government elected should not use its vested powers and monies to promote social darwinism and undemocratic beliefs including totalitarianism eg. the rcmp is supposed to protect us under the laws of Canada not the agenda of foreign governments or eugenics


Jan Sam

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by Jan Sam on Thursday, December 13, 2014

The struggle for me i gather members of...

by Jan Sam on Thursday, December 13, 2014

The struggle for me i gather members of my own non immediate family are involved in supporting the abusive government of Harper and any attempts it makes to move towards usa style republicanism. I feel that their efforts have caused me to lose all; there are no actions i can take without threats to my personal freedoms as though i was what they claim or anyway a crazy made sucker. Today i awake tortured by a government pimping away including choking and crippling as though this is what a democracy oks. They are proving the legislation doesn't mean it is enforced as though i wasn't aware. Whenever i appear to seek asssistance my story is belittled by the gangs previous phone calls and threats to staff hired to comply. The group had me sterilized in Alberta though i am reasonably intelligent having a double major from a recognized university and they act as though i am somehow the only labelled person worthy of the arms bazar sell eg. torture and diabolical violence. But i see evidence of diabolical violence everywhere and see this country as silenced. I have no hope about life here and was told by one of the not so mature middle agd gals that i would be required to leave the country.(1988) so premeditated hatred) So it seems, as no one can live under constant threat and torture and pretend to like the people doing it. They claim to want image rencontres so that the disagreement seems to boil down to my petulant behaviour fact i need a no contact order enforced against the entire gang. This doens't seem likely to accomplish What to focus on. I believe that the effort best made is to stop the use of torture evidence. The privacy laws and human rights laws have been changed to allow harper an' gang to feed at the same time their paranoia and their practical, greed inspired relationships with nazis and white supremacists. I do not believe that a government that acts in this way can form a democratic government. An arms bazar government focuses on profit from arms sales and this is a hopelessly backlash techie government. Consumerism meant cars need to be recalled instead of the thrill of and power of maiming & killing innocent people for example with your high tech skills that hardly anyone would try to prove. The petitiion closes on facebook very soon. i do not kow if it can be renewed ...Please take part of your holiday season to work on this effort. Torture is not supposed to be the staple of democratic government. MANY harperites believe that democracy is not possible because they have to work so hard. The self pity is derived from the repub licanism of objectivists and frenz in the cheney, wolfowitz and neo libs. Too bad for the rest of folks that wanted to share the load. I was crippled and crazy made so that my case would never see the courts especially for compensation. I have complaints ongoing but the cost to me was the reprisal of the sterilization ( this is we do it anyway of right wing populism of alberta). The hardest to take is the coldness of this period of time when the spin is the only available gossip and what the media spreads as it makes for higher ratings i guess. Boo hoo hoo when the cbc tried to be more democratic. those days are over as far as i can see. I do not receive an answer to letters for info and requesting privacy. please sign the petition and get friends to in the last days of its posting. below anti abortion props for a shakedown at neighbourhood locale. tags: a sick sense n' sadness, anti-abortion shakedown, eugenics hidden agenda, torture, labour, engineers vs. women


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