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Please consider making a donation to help our low-income students pay for their freshman spring semester in college. Our very motivated, hard-working students have been enrolled in DTS since they were in 6th grade.

Determined To Succeed, co-founded by Hank Azaria in 2005 provides year-round academic resources and support to low-income students in middle school and high school so they will attend and graduate from college. This group of students attend the following colleges: Tufts University (Hank's alma mater!), Syracuse, Bowdoin, Cal States, UC Merced, Loyola Marymount University, College of the Holy Cross and Santa Monica Community College.

Your donation will help pay the tuition costs not covered by their financial aid, scholarships and grants. We and our students are very appreciative of your consideration. All donors will receive tax deductible donation acknowledgement letters from Determined To Succeed.

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