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Far inside the mountains in Zhang-jia-jie city, Hunan province, China, there live 342 kids in a school named Lianming Garden School. Most of their parents go to hundreds or even thousands miles away looking for jobs such that they can afford feeding their family and sending their kids to school. These kids live with their grandparents, most of the time, in the mountain while it takes them around 6 hours to go to the closest town. This makes it almost impossible for them to go out and see the world outside of the mountain. Unless, they have wings.

And now we can give them wings! Books, together with imagination which kids are born with, are the two elements that make the strongest wings. These wings will carry them high in the sky, out to the cities, and lead them to see a world very different from where they live. And one day, these wings will carry them to high school, and to college, and fly them a long long way.

One thousand bucks = 500 books + 342 kids' lives changed. There is simply no business better than that.

So I was told
far far away down the road
Behind the mountain
Buildings and buildings unfold
Boxes with wheels roll
They call that "city" and it's tenfold
as large as my village
Where live happily
hundreds of men and women
Every meal they eat five chickens
And they drink no water but milk
They wear no cotton but silk
They build something called air cushion
In summer it captures the Sun
To make it cooler
While let it out in the winter
To make it warmer

I don't know if I should believe
You stranger
I'm gonna see it myself
If I could fly on this twig
just like, uh, what's the name of that kid?
Oh right, Harry Potter the broomer

湖南省张家界市桑植县西莲乡西莲明园学校, 地处海拔842米的大山深处,离最近的县城也有5、6个小时的路程。学校里有342个孩子,221个小学生,121个初中生。他们的父母大多在外打工, 否则无法养活自己的家庭,更加无法把自己的孩子送去上学。作为留守儿童,这些孩子们长年跟年迈的祖父母在一起生活,基本上没有机会出山见到外面的世界。除非,他们长上翅膀。




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