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Imagine your government came into your home and said oil companies were allowed to tear up your floors with dynamite and start exploring for oil – and they told everyone you said it was okay, even though you didn't.

This is what's happening to thousands of indigenous families in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest right now.

The Achuar, our indigenous partners, are currently fighting on the front line in Ecuador against oil exploitation in the Amazon - their home and an invaluable global treasure. Although you may be unable to fight along side them, you CAN help us build a defense fund for the Amazon and our indigenous partners.

The Pachamama Alliance is raising $100,000 in order to fight this latest round of oil exploitation and we need your help. Our goal is to contribute $2500-$5000 through donations. You can also donate through our website, and learn more about what we are doing to fight this new threat:

If you donate by Dec 31st, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar by an anonymous donor. Even a small donation can make a big impact. A contribution as little as $25 will send an Achuar person to a workshop on resisting oil exploitation. Anything you can give will be greatly appreciated, and will help fight the degradation of the Amazon rainforest. Please contribute whatever you can, and share this with your friends to spread the word.

Now is your chance to stand for the warriors standing for you.

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