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Did you know that about a million seabirds, turtles, whales and dolphins die each year from eating ocean plastic alone? We can do something about that by taking immediate action.

All One Ocean, a project of Earth Island Institute, is devoted to educating people about the destructive impacts of our trash by providing a simple way for beach-goers to help clean up our oceans, beautify beaches and prevent needless death and suffering to marine life any time they visit the beach. We partner with beach agencies, other nonprofits and communities to install Beach Clean Up Stations (B'CUS), small boxes permanently mounted at beaches which contain sturdy, re-purposed bags for collecting beach debris and decorated with educational signage as well as kids' ocean-themed art.

Essentially, with your support, our Stations can make every day, on every beach, a clean up day. All One Ocean also works closely with our curriculum partners to engage and educate children and adults in the classroom, the workplace and on the beach.

Oceans of Thanks!


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