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Getting schools to show this high quality documentary information to our kids between the ages of 11, 12, and 13, will make one of the biggest impacts on our youth considering drugs. It is in middles school where the peer pressure starts. If our youth are well educated they will have the ground to stand on to really avoid it and to discourage it even, when they see it, with certainty.

Many kids who get into drugs tell other kids to try it and their biggest leg up is that they have tried it so they know what it is like. The kids who have not tried it do not know what it is like. Without enough certainty they can be swayed to try it to find out for themselves. They can be ridiculed even for being chicken or if they say it's bad, told they don't know what they are talking about, because they've never done it.

Hearing first hand from other youth and people why it ruins their life and how it starts, as well as reading the side effects of all of the popular drugs and knowing how bad they are REALLY, is what will empower our children to stay away from it.


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