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Dear Superintendent Deasy:

There is a widespread need for change of perspective in our youth heading into high school and especially starting in middle school regarding the "cool factor" of the taking of drugs.

Many young minds are exposed to peer pressure and popularity issues surrounding the use of drugs. The place that this seems to start is sadly now in middle school. As you know, the first grade in middle school is 6th and is all 11 year-old children. These are very impressionable kids looking for their newly forming teenage identity and they look up to the older kids.

In our middles schools, it is common that the 8th graders are nic named "Kings & Queens". A certain percentage of these older kids are already involved in drugs. It can sadly sometimes be smelled on campass or even purchase on campus or just after school from friends. And no matter how much the school works to enforce the rules and laws against this, what remains the cause of the problem is the children's desire to do it in the first place.

We propose that the LAUSD, implement a once a month class that shows videos and gives out informational packages from "The Truth About Drugs" campaign. It is a very informative package covering the harmful effects of each and every major type of popular drug kids take and is explained at their level. This package also comes with a professional documentary and testimonials from young people and adults, telling their story and dissuading kids from getting into the drug world. You can see it attached here to this petition.

This media and information, combined in a class room, is a way to help show our young pre-teen children, (who may be wondering about drugs, who see it and smell it around them and who hear about it from older kids) why they really shouldn't try it. It gives them the certainty as to why they should say no with examples from those who have been through it.

These packages are available through charitable contributions and the materials would be provided at no cost to the LAUSD.

All that is needed is your approval to add this class to the curriculum as a once monthly educational feature for our middle schools.

Helping to educate kids about this at, this very important stage in their young lives is vital. If this class is implemented, it can reach hundreds of thousands of young people and help them avoid drugs.

This is not only good for them but also good for the school system, as it could help decrease the high school drop out rate, as well as help increase grades, as students will be less likely to be under the influence of drugs while at school.

The Truth About Drugs campaign will provide a class program for the teachers to deliver the class easily. With all materials and a DVD to watch, this will be one of the most simple, to administer to students, but possibly one of the most impactful.

This knowledge, can actually in the end, even save lives by avoiding overdoses and accidents that are drug related. But at the very least, it will help guide them into more successful lives and better success in school, by avoidance of drugs.

We concerned parents and citizens hope that you will consider this heavily and give this program a chance to provide effective education for our youth.

Thank you very much for your time and your unwavering care for the children in our district. I am very hopeful that this will be an easy yes for you.


Kimberly Brennecke

Founder, Our Public Education
Advocate for The Truth About Drugs

To see content of the info booklets and videos and the source information go to


Kimberly Quigley

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How this will help

Getting schools to show this high quality documentary information to our kids between the ages of 11, 12, and 13, will make one of the biggest impacts on our youth considering drugs. It is in...

Getting schools to show this high quality documentary information to our kids between the ages of 11, 12, and 13, will make one of the biggest impacts on our youth considering drugs. It is in middles school where the peer pressure starts. If our youth are well educated they will have the ground to stand on to really avoid it and to discourage it even, when they see it, with certainty.

Many kids who get into drugs tell other kids to try it and their biggest leg up is that they have tried it so they know what it is like. The kids who have not tried it do not know what it is like. Without enough certainty they can be swayed to try it to find out for themselves. They can be ridiculed even for being chicken or if they say it's bad, told they don't know what they are talking about, because they've never done it.

Hearing first hand from other youth and people why it ruins their life and how it starts, as well as reading the side effects of all of the popular drugs and knowing how bad they are REALLY, is what will empower our children to stay away from it.


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