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Buy locally grown produce and ask grocery stores to stock our farmer’s fresh local produce during

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How this will help

When you go to your grocery store:
• Buy locally grown produce.
• Use social media to encourage your friends—and their friends--to buy local and promote stores that carry local family farm crops.

If you find foreign produce being sold during local family farms' harvest season:
• Ask the store's corporate office to stock our farmer's fresh local produce during harvest season.
• Use social media to tell your friends—and their friends--to contact the store's corporate office and request our farmer's fresh produce be stocked during local harvest season.

1. Persuade grocery stores to buy local sustainably grown produce, thus giving families safe local nutritious vegetables, and,

2. Allow family farms the opportunity to sell their crops for a profit so they can continue to supply our country with its own food source.

SAFFFE is a grassroots effort that is a worthwhile initiative for any individual who believes in local family farms. You CAN make a difference! There is great power when people join together for a worthwhile cause.

It requires no cash donation, just a little of your time.
Thank You.

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