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Give dignity of Labor to all the professions irrespective of money, language, color and style.

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12/12/12 is not just an event, it's a Protest…its just a beginning of a change….there's a lot more to come" says the 26 year old Founder and manager of PSD(Projekt Street Dance), the parent crew of this entire idea. So, on this day, people from all working sectors shall come together to challenge the conventional norms laid down by the society regarding various Professions.

They demand for Dignity - dignity of Labor. "Right from the moment of our birth, we are trained and tuned into believing that some specific professions only are worth pursuing for a decent living and respect in the society. It is for all those who dared to dream, but were forced to sacrifice them because of Society" adds the young founder.

PSD believes that all professions should get the same respect and dignity irrespective of money, language, color and style. So, it is to promote this cause that hundreds of Dancers in various cities n countries have agreed to join hands and spread awareness. This event shall be marking the beginning of a whole new phase that might challenge and change the mindset of the world in the years to come, beginning with dancing, it will soon be spreading to reach out each and every other profession.


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