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Family Court Reform - Jury Panels Parental Rights Preservation NJ . and its supporters petition the New Jersey State Legislature to address the national crisis of a broken Family Court system. In order to protect the "best interest" of children, we the undersigned, propose the implimentation of a "Muti-diciplinary Jury Panel" for the Family Court Division to ensure that Judges operate within their Judicial role and provide for equality based orders that preserve the rights of parents to determine the best interest of their children as the rule, not the exception.


Alienated Parent

Family Court Judges are operating outside of their judicial role when they present themselves as experts in areas other than law. Reform is needed on many levels, especially in the legal and psychological management of Parental Alienation cases.  

Targeted parents, especially fathers, start off at a disadvantage because the Family Division remains bias, working within the broken context of VAWA where false accusations of domestic violence and abuse are easy to sell and hard to shake. 

Too often abuse of discretion by a Judge, compounded with inadequate training on PAS,  can further alienate a targeted parent and child. 

Judges are increasingly disingenuos on visitation orders and unpunished non-compliance is teaching our children to disrespect the Court, leaving them with the impression that they too will be allowed to break the law.

New Jersey remains one of the few states without Parental Alienation laws in place and  Judges are free to ignore its existence. Too often, Parental Rights of one parent are effectively terminated without due process, leaving the child with the abuser.

The future of our children deserve better than this. 

One day, we may see a Family Court system free of gender bias and free of the financial corruption inherent in Title IV-D.  One day, we may see a Family Court system where Judges respect the bench by enforcing their own orders and respect that the psychological dynamics of troubled families is far too complex for them to address independently. 

Until that day, we need more eyes on the bench to ensure that our Judges are doing the work of the Court, any nothing more. Periodic Jury panels in high conflict cases, would help reduce court errors and  provide for more equality based orders, resulting in less appeals, and preserving the rights of parents to determine the best interest of their children as the rule, instead of the exception.

Family Court case loads and a "too swift" education on Parental Alienation, are forcing even the best of our Judges to push cases along and take shortcuts. Without a neutral party, pro se litigants rights will continue to be violated and children's best interests compromised.


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